Hello Everyone!

Sorry for such a late post! I have been busy with exams and just finished traveling through parts of Europe for the past two weeks. For this post, I wanted to briefly talk about what exams are like in Germany and my travels over the past two weeks.

Exams are very different in Germany because some classes are actually oral exams instead of written exams. Luckily, I did not have an oral exam! Another thing that I have mentioned previously is that the exams are very important because these are usually the only grades for a course. So for those of you that are interested in studying in Europe, keep this in mind.

Another major difference is that Germans don’t wait until the last minute to study like most of us do! Many of the Germans study throughout the semester because their professors usually do not tell them what part of the course is going to be on the exam. The professors want their students to understand all parts of the course, and therefore, they do not tell the students ahead of time what part will be on the test. If you are thinking about studying in Germany, don’t let the thought of their exam system scare you! As long as you are willing to study a little each week, you will be fine!

As mentioned in my previous posts, one of the biggest reasons I decided to study in Europe was the easiness and cheapness of travel between countries. I spent the past two weeks traveling to Iceland and the Baltic countries (Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia)! The Baltic countries were easy to  travel between as there are several budget airlines and bus routes between the countries with fares as low as $30 for flights and $10 for buses! These countries were absolutely stunning, and it was amazing to see the old architecture of these countries with some buildings being almost 1000 years old! Iceland was an incredible country to visit, and it felt like I was in another world. I encourage those of you interested in studying in Europe to budget and save a lot of your money the year before you go abroad! This will allow you the chance to travel and see lot of countries and experience new cultures while you are abroad. Here are a few pictures from my trip to Iceland! Take care, and next month I will talk about the start of my second semester in Germany!


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