Life in Germany

Wow, it’s hard to believe I have been here for almost three months now! The time has flown by! In today’s blog post, I want to talk about the difference in the German university system versus CofC’s. I have been in classes for almost two months now, and there is one big difference between classes in Germany and in the US: the time actually spent in class. I spend around 10 hours a week in the university here compared to the 25-30 hours a week back home. For those of you reading, you may  be thinking “Wow that’s great!” and “It sounds easy!” However, this means that the majority of your work is done outside of the classroom, and you are expected to read the material and be prepared for each class. The professors in Germany do not care if you have read the material before class. It is up to you to do well in  the class. Lastly, another major difference is the amount of grades for each class. Each of my classes has only one grade compared to the US where we have several grades throughout the semester.

Now I want to talk about the pros of having class only once a week-it allows you to travel more! If you are wanting to travel while studying abroad, then I would recommend studying in Germany. Having classes only once per week and Germany’s close proximity to many countries makes it a great study abroad destination! In the last month I have been able to travel to Berlin, Weinheim, and Paris without missing any class! Traveling throughout Europe is very easy, and I will talk a little bit more about how to travel cheaply throughout Europe in my next post in December!



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